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Donating Money

Save time, raise money
with ready-to-use fundraising copy.

Make sure your donors have a chance to support the good work your organization is doing without overpaying for effective fundraising copy!


Many agencies charge high fees for copywriting services, but we believe nonprofit organizations should have access to high-quality direct mail appeals and digital campaigns without having to pay exorbitant rates.

We provide nonprofit organizations with direct mail fundraising appeals and digital fundraising emails that can be downloaded and used right away. Save time by having an effective direct marketing fundraising appeal ready for immediate use. Save money by avoiding excessive copywriting fees.

Our fundraising letters are designed to be easily adapted for your organization. They are also affordable, so you can spend your budgeted money doing what you do best -- changing lives.

Direct Marketing Fundraising Services

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Appeals you can use right now

Our goal: provide you with simple fundraising letters that save you time and raise you money. From rescue missions to food banks, our fundraising appeals follow effective direct marketing methods that work for nonprofits today. Customize appeals as much or as little as you'd like, but we've removed the initial guess work from your important to-do list.

Emails and social media posts

Raising money online has become an essential part of any development program. Even though online fundraising is relatively new, the same direct mail tactics apply. We have campaign series (like ever-important Giving Tuesday emails) as well as one-off emails. The good news: the emails are already written, ready to send and ready to raise you money!

Custom Writing Projects

Personalize your appeal

There is always a time to tell a personal story. If your organization needs to craft a more customized fundraising message, we can tailor any appeal specifically to your nonprofit's needs. If you'd like to start a project from scratch, or need copywriting assistance for a larger campaign like a case for support or annual report, please get in touch below.

Nonprofit Sector Appeals

  • Rescue Missions

  • Food Banks

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Animal Rescue

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Get in Touch

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